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Nov 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
-called twin paradox. well, bye. i don't know if i'll see you again. and while the traveling twin experiences weeks... the stay-at-home twin experiences years. you know, i think i'll just sit here and do nothing. that sounds like-- yeah, i'll do that. now, what? what? what is going on out there? ah, my goodness... hey. i don't believe this. look at you. - good to see you. - i must relax. i can't relax. i'm too old to relax. look at the size of this one, will you? could a situation like this be true? you bet it can. this is time dilation. we can see time dilation by comparing clocks from different frames of reference. say, from the earth and from a high-speed rocket ship. now, a clock can be anything that measures periodic intervals of time. to simplify, we're gonna let the ticks of our clock be periodic flashes of light. look at the light flashes emitted by the stationary rocket ship. now, some time goes by before they reach the distant planet. but since there's no relative motion involved, successive flashes get to the planet at regularly-spaced intervals. that's to say, both the sender and
Dec 5, 2012 8:00am PST
wanna talk to you about the twin drip, which is discussed in the book, but i wanna preface something. i wanna preface that trip with a little hardcore physics. pay attention, gang. let's suppose someone's standing on a planet here and they have a flashlight and they shine a flashlight off to a distant planet over here. and people on this distant planet are gonna have a telescope all lined up here and they're gonna stand right here and they're gonna watch the flashes of light. and let's suppose a person here emits a flash of light every three minutes. this little flash, flash... i got a question for you. if there's no relative motion between the two planets, it's gonna take some time for that first flash to get up here. but under zero gravity here, boom, sees a flash. how long they're gonna have to wait for another one? three. - and the next one? - three. - and the next one? - three. they'll come at regularly spaced intervals, all right? now, let's suppose i have a rocket ship that's traveling at a very, very high speed between the two planets. now, this rocket ship is traveling away fro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2